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AIM NEWS: We are delighted to announce that the AVO Diagnostic Services Customer Portal is now back online and fully operational. Please bookmark our new address to access the portal seamlessly:


Thank you for your understanding and patience during the temporary downtime. We truly appreciate your continued trust in AVO Diagnostic Services.

AVO Diagnostic Services | Asset Information Manager (AIM 2.0) portal

Manage all your key asset data in one secure location

Asset Information Manager from AVO Diagnostic Services, is an online tool for the storage and management of all testing and diagnostic data retrieved from key assets. This unique tool provides the asset owner and operator with secure, 24/7 access to data, online analytics and diagnostics of all key data captured.

— Improve management, access, security, and control of key asset data
— Using analytics and data management tools, convert data into actionable information
— Save time and money with a fully managed AVO data solution
— Extend asset life and minimize unplanned outages through data analysis and health indexing
— Improve maintenance planning and introduce predictive maintenance strategies to reduce overall transformer maintenance costs

— Managed test results
— Online diagnostics
— Ratio analysis
— Data warehousing
— Data import and export
— Custom reporting
— Personal notifications
— Engineered solutions



For more information on AIM 2.0 contact us: AVO@AVOdiagnostics.com

Or you'll be able to log in to AIM HERE after the transition to our new platform on Monday, Jan. 15, 2024. Thank you.